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The Team's Favorite Products

Updated: Jul 28, 2022


I absolutely love the illustration and design of "He's a feminist folded mailer" as well as the phrase included in it. I love seeing the color combination of navy blue and salmon pink with the cream-ish color.

Shop Isaias' favorite here

I've been torn between all the products with the above designs on them... The bikini and leggings look really great with the designs on them, and also looks like a floral design from far away too which means I can wear and use it for everyday use without having to worry about it being too obvious in the public.

Overall, all products with the two dancers on them are my favorite.


I would say that the 'Love is Love'- New America sweatshirt is my favorite. I love minimalist designs such as this one, and as a member of the LGBTQ community, it also really resonates with my personal values regarding love and acceptance! It's a beautiful design with diverse potential for application, plus it allows LGBTQ voices to be heard and supported! And who doesn't love a good sweatshirt?

Shop Alexis' favorite here


My style is comfort over everything and I've always been cat person, so the "Feisty" pullover is the perfect mix of these! I also love its relaxed, comfy fit and that it's made from organic and recycled materials.

It comes in both Canyon Pink and French Navy, so it can either be a fun pop of color in your wardrobe or a charming neutral. I personally prefer the pink, just because I am trying to add a little brightness into my life!

Shop Sydney's favorite here


Who doesn't love a cozy sweatshirt with a cheeky saying? That is why "The Search for Fucks" pullover is my favorite! It embodies the sassy nature of Lauren Bacall while showing our support and where we stand in an elegant way.

I also like that is eco-friendly and the way it depicts mental health in a positive way. Plus, I love a good reference to a classic movie and this sweatshirt gives "Out of Africa" vibes!

Shop Abigail's favorite here

Shop all these looks and more here. Let us know which product is your favorite!

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