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My Packing List

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I hate packing. I can do it and I’m good at it, but I hate it. I may have a dozen different dining sets for different themed parties, but my minimalist side comes out tenfold when I unzip my suitcase before a trip. My philosophy: the less amount you bring, the less you have to worry about, and the more fun you have!

Here are my absolute essentials when packing. I honestly don’t take anything else unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Bathroom Essentials (duh) toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, perfume, medicine, mascara. That is it. Yup. Unless I know my period will hit, I only bring one “just in case” tampon.

One set of PJ’s for any trip shorter than 2 weeks. No one will see you in them, you won’t get them dirty unless you’re vacationing in the muggy tropics and sweat at night. You are all good! My favorites are my cozy bamboo pajama's.

3 tops and 3 bottoms that can be mixed and matched unless staying for more than a month. You’re not a savage, the world is at the same level as your town, you will be able to find a retro drop off laundry service practically anywhere. Why waste space in your luggage that could be filled with new and exciting memories of your travels with clothes? Classic T's are a must!

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1 or 2 outfits specific to the occasion. If I’m going surfing, I’ll bring my bathing suit and wet suit. If I know the friend I’m staying with likes operas, I’ll bring a “just in case” vintage midi dress (rolled with tissue paper inserts to cut down on the wrinkles of course). You know yourself and your plans well enough to be able to pack for “what if” scenarios, but don’t wear yourself down by packing for every “what if.” The unknown is what makes the adventure magical.

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2 pairs of shoes. 1 every day that works with all the outfits and 1 that matches a “what if” occasion. We’re not Neanderthals. If you truly need something more, you can go to a store and buy it.

One book. There may be a lull in your train or a person you don’t want to speak to on the airplane. Books are a great way to escape the bad times of your trips so they don’t consume your memories. My favorite books for long train rides are classics like Edith Wharton or Agatha Christie.

An umbrella (love my bubble umbrella, but I just mean a basic one). If you're traveling to a tourist spot, umbrella's are usually marked up a lot, so bring one in advance.

Work supplies. Depending on why I’m traveling, I may need some work things like my laptop, camera, or tablet. A passport travel set does come in handy if you have to bring a lot of work things. Things are easier to find when you're looking for the same emerald colored iPad cover and laptop case that matches your passport holder.

This is truly all you need. Focus on the great time you’ll have, not the stuff you brought.

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