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Established in NYC in 2017 and transferred to Arkansas in 2022, Abigail Fowler Designs was created to curate a style which envelops the sophistication of Manhattan with the natural beauty of the southern states.

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Drafted from the brain of a born wanderer, each collection conveys free-spirited curiosity at their core with a purpose of illuminating the lives of everyone who finds a piece of their story through each statement design.

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The Yorkie, 2020 SHOP NOW


Our official launch of this shop site, separated from the rest of the corporation, in the spring of 2022 marks a major milestone for the firm. This female-owned business has expanded its leadership roles, naming Sydney McCauley as eCommerce Assistant Director in May of 2022. There are so many surprises in store for our lovely, loyal customers over the next few years. We’re excited to shine a little light on our story as we continue to grow, expand, and support finding ways to help everyone shine!

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Kourtney Chumbley

Born in San Diego, but Native to Dallas, Kourtney started tennis at the age of 5 (after 2 years of begging her parents). Her Armenian and Greek ethnicities run deep in her veins as much as her blood ties to the American Revolution, Texas Revolution, and moderate value-based political beliefs. Valuing representation in the tennis industry, she loves being a part of the change.  

Kourtney is now coach of a university tennis team and has moved cross country twice for the love of the game and teaching others.

With her grandma as her #1 fan, family is everything to her. During her free time she loves to hike, go to the beach, and spend time with her loved ones!

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Viktoria Capek

Writing her way through a MA in Arts Journalism  at the University of Southern California, Viktoria is one of the most knowledgable about the fine art world. Documenting her travels through Europe over the past few months, we're excited to share her story! 

Paramore is her favorite band- she's seen them perform live 5 times. Being white, LGBTQ+, and agnostic while growing up in the Bible Belt of Georgia created a unique experience for her. It's a joy to see her personality shine through her writing. 


Kulaporn Chottienchai

Coming soon! Excited to share. 

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Alexis Jaeger

When she’s not adding marvels to her butterfly and moth collections, Alexis writes astrology pieces. Her agnostic views allow her to look at the universe with an open-minded view. A member of the LGBTQIA community, we stand with her in support of her choice to marry whomever she loves.


Graduating from university with a BFA in Graphic Design in 2022, Alexis hopes to focus on illustrations as a source of exploration into mortality.


Michael Ankton

Michael is our youngest Gen Z writer with one of the strongest work ethics. Having just completed his junior at Henderson State University, he is majoring in Social Science Education and Criminal Justice. His active lifestyle includes (but is definitely not limited to): Interim Media Director for Gennesaret M. B. Church, serving on the Clark County NAACP Executive Board, 2nd Vice-Chair of the Clark County Democratic Committee, Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a mentor in AmeriCorps, and a bus driver for the local public school district.


Supporting his community, Michael has recently been nominated for Clark County Justice of the Peace Candidate for District 2. He is making big waves in his community and focuses on politics and small town communities in his writings.  In his free time, he truly enjoys his friends and family, a few games from time to time, and music.


Abigail Fowler

A coexist advocate with agnostic-leaning Christian beliefs and a Baptist (form of Protestant) upbringing, Abigail has lived in New York, Arkansas, Maryland, St. Louis, and France. Crafting this company as a way for other creatives to speak their mind, she writes on unique "slice of life" features that invite you into her world. 

Currently attending Harvard for a MA in Museum Studies while owning two companies and holding a COO title for an experiential marketing firm in Brooklyn, New York; writing is her break from the hectic every-day schedule. 

Meeting new people is honestly

one of our favorite past-times!

Please fill out a contact form below if you’re looking for custom work, have a question, or simply want to say hi. We will get back to you as soon as we get back from walking our dogs.

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